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About Us

We provide better business solutions

The solutions provided by Shenzhen Yongxin IOT Technology Co., Ltd. include hardware, software, service and support. Support customers in logistics, industrial automation, retail and asset management applications. The company adheres to the concept of technology to solve practical problems, relying on the accumulated accumulation of production research and development technology for many years, fully understands and learns new technologies, cooperates with customers' actual application scenarios, adheres to problem-solving-oriented thinking, and considers actual operating costs. From the beginning of the project, the applicability of the product, placement cost, use cost and management cost are taken into consideration from the overall situation. And be good at mining the value of the big data automatically generated by the program, not limited to RFID technology, and truly let the program generate commercial value and have vitality.

We provide more reliable and low-cost label products

Most projects using RFID technology account for the highest end-use cost tags. For this reason, Core IoT insists on customizing each project application of each customer individually, and can fully consider the production cost, mounting cost, and cost of RFID electronic tags. Consider and design its RF performance based on the material of the mounted product. In the process of use, customers can read information stably and reliably, with low mounting costs, and truly use technology to reduce costs and create value with technology.

About Us

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